The Monster You Made

The monster you made wades in the river

Outside a small German Town.

I crushed the flowers in my hands,

Petals scattered to the ground.


Outside a small German Town

Innocence wafted away on the summer breeze,

Petals scattered to the ground.

Father forgive me, I know not what I did.


Innocence wafted away on the summer breeze,

I crushed the flowers in my hands,

Father forgive me, I know not what I did.

The monster you made wades in the river.

Hymns for the Bastards: Six.

And I knew then that when he emptied himself down my throat without asking

He did it so that I would have a vessel for my hatred

Something to smash against a facsimile of his face when I became too full of someone else’s unhappiness

Too full to do much more than lay on my bed and blood let

I must get the venom out before I poison my world from the inside out

He was a leech that took my life,

An incubus in a Trivium tee shirt,

I have killed you over and over and still you will not die!

You are a cockroach staining my best shoes with your guts

And then telling me that you didn’t crawl under my skin and lay your eggs

I hear them hatching when I see you smiling,

I can feel them scratching,


Slam Sunday: “People You May Know” by Kevin Kantor

When my rapist showed up under the “People You May Know” tab on Facebook, it felt like the closest to a crime scene that I’ve ever been.

…No was a flock of sleeping sheep sitting in my mouth and now I know the wolf’s middle name.

My selected quotes do not do this poem justice. Check it out and see the all-too-common pain of sexual assault and abuse victims on the internet.


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broken crown

Broken Crown

Baby I’m just your broken crown,

I split in two and fell off your head.

My back hurts, he said

And I gave him my spine.

We dented the floor when we moved the bed,

I said eventually you’ll love me and we’ll find it under here

Because part of me died and got caught against the radiator and her things

You didn’t know me yet, he said.

I am your promises bled out on the floor,

Hide me in the boards and if I still love you tomorrow

I won’t scratch my way out.


I said baby I’m your broken crown

So he outlined my collar bones

And pushed his way in.

*Author’s note: I didn’t even realise that Mumford and Sons had a song called “Broken Crown” until I googled the phrase to find a featured image. I thought that was pretty cool. Both this poem and the song express similar sentiments, and the song’s pretty good, so here it is: 

 Featured image by Peter Hudeck.

Stages of a Poisoning.


You sunk in


Beneath me, into deepest

Recesses of my internal organs.


You crept in

Like noxious gas

My lungs burst with words unsung


You accumulated in my blood

Until I bled metal.

I could not move, I could not see

Through the darkness you shrouded me in.



When I dream, I dream of dying.

I dream of the sea at the bottom of the porcelain bowl

Swallowing me



I went to the ocean

And looked out at the sharpened rocks.

They reminded me of your fingers

In my hair.


I can no longer bleed it out, you see.

They found you in my marrow.


My mother named me island

Because she saw that one day

I would be alone,

Waves beating my shores

And I, ever yielding.



The doctors said my blood smelled of almonds

And burned in the light.

They crafted wheel chairs from my bone marrow,

Hard as steel and twice as cold.


They harvested me like HeLa cells

And put my corpse on display.

I am the elephant girl,

Perhaps someday, someone will purchase my bones

As a conversation piece.


Remember me as a summer bird,

I sang once,

Then winter came.


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-Kelsey Jay