I, Dahmer

(I just didn’t want to be alone)

There’s a man in my fridge and he screams through the night

(don’t leave)

You’re so beautiful I could lay you down across my table and watch you breathe


Dig my fork into your willing flesh and twist into your soul


I feel so positively spastic I could scream into the ever waiting audience


Sometimes you can never get clean.

I promise you  I


Control it

My favourite poems: “Losers” by Carl Sandberg

IF I should pass the tomb of Jonah

I would stop there and sit for awhile;

Because I was swallowed one time deep in the dark

And came out alive after all.

If I pass the burial spot of Nero

I shall say to the wind, “Well, well!”-

I who have fiddled in a world on fire,

I who have done so many stunts not worth doing.

I am looking for the grave of Sinbad too.

I want to shake his ghost-hand and say,

“Neither of us died very early, did we?”

And the last sleeping-place of Nebuchadnezzar-

When I arrive there I shall tell the wind:

“You ate grass; I have eaten crow-

Who is better off now or next year?”

Jack Cade, John Brown, Jesse James,

There too I could sit down and stop for awhile.

I think I could tell their headstones:

“God, let me remember all good losers.”

I could ask people to throw ashes on their heads

In the name of that sergeant at Belleau Woods,

Walking into the drumfires, calling his men,

“Come on, you … Do you want to live forever?”

Hymns for the Bastards: Three.

I wore sick like a badge of honour

I don’t heal,

I just scab over.

My soul is a mess of congealing blood

Dripping dripping.

I feel you in here like a parasite

And still I feed you.

This is true sickness.

I fear you will burst out of me

Instead of passing with the waste,

Coating everything in sight

With yesterday’s feelings.

Shut off Valve.



I know, like all things,

People will tell me to just




Unfortunately, the heart knows no shut off valve

Or bandages.

This may bleed forever.

This, like all things, is not about getting over it.

It is about forgetting long enough just to feel something else.

Fan-Poetry: Megatron and Starscream

starscream megatron 1


Megatron’s Poem to Starscream 

I will not cry.
Because I cannot.

I feel your mocking voice
For any weakness
I will hold onto your poltergeist
Because it’s easier to grab
Than ash

But it’s not weak
To admit
I miss you.

I can scream
Because I know you did
And I will scream
Because you no longer can.

And Silence broke us apart.

Is it too late to say

I love you.

Is it too late to say


(written 2011)

Based on this clip:



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Starscream’s Poem to Megatron 

You held my hand as we watched my brothers bleed to death

You held my heart and beat me with my loyalty

I’ve never hated anyone this much

So I’m going to pretend what I feel is love


You’ll see him in me, eventually

I’ll pull my punches and let that kill you


(written 2014)


AN: I decided to go with something a little different this week as well. These are two fan poems I wrote for Transformers, specifically Megatron and Starscream.  Enjoy!

Jazzy: A Tanka Poem

White dog, brown poopy

The squirrel watches intently

I sit inside

Thinking about garbage eaten

My friend, that is not a nut.


(The inspiration for the poem)

I decided to try something a little bit different. I learned Tanka poetry at When Words Collide and I thought I’d share something a bit funnier than my usual fare. Like? Dislike? Comment.